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Factors that Influence Page Speed on the Internet

Dwonload iconDon't we all cringe, and swiftly click away, from websites that take forever to show up on our screens! The World-Wide-Wait is often caused by inexperienced web designers who construct websites in various manners that make the site take forever to download. A well-designed site will avoid the pitfalls of slow downloads.

The speed at which websites download from the Internet is dependent on the following factors:

Web Design

Your Browsing History

Your Computer Configuration and Settings

The Network Used to Access the Site

Any or all of the above can slow download time. Web designers only have control over the first two items!

Limitations of Your Computer

There are also other ways you can improve your speeds, here are a few:


Great Tools to Test your Site Speed




If you are unhappy with the download speed of your current website, or would like to develop a new website that avoids the slow download pitfalls, contact the web developers at Yakindo Web Designs.