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Benefits of a Favorites Icon on your Website

Finding new ways to get your website to stand out from the competition is something that we are always pursuing for our web development clients! Favorites icons help regular customers and potential customers identify your website quickly.

A favorites icon is also known as a favicon, website icon, shortcut icon, url icon or bookmark icon. The icon is visible in several places in the browser whenever a visitor to your website bookmarks your website or adds it to their favorites list. When they open up their bookmarks/favorites list in their browser software, your website stands out with your small logo, as opposed to those websites without a favicon, as seen in the image at right.

Those icons help your website stand out from the others!

Where is the Favicon?

The 16x16 pixel square favicon is displayed either to the left of the website address (your URL) in the location bar at the top of your web browser or on the tabs of open pages, as seen in the images below:

Example: Next to location bar

Favicon near location bar

Browser Differences

The favicon displays in different locations, depending on the browser you're using:

Chrome Chrome favicon

Firefox Firefox favicon

Edge Edge Favicon

Internet Explorer Internet Explorer favicon


Dare to be Different - Stand Out from the Crowd I Love to Stand Out in the Crowd

A favorites icon will:

Favicons in Action

See examples of some favicons on these client sites:

Renton Farmers Market
Selah-Moxee Irrigation District
Zonta Club of Yakima


In this fast-paced, competitive economy where customers often have little patience as they surf the net, any edge your company and your website have over the competition is an advantage that will enhance your bottom line.


If you’re interested in a favorites icon for your website, contact Yakindo Web Designs today!