Supporting Services

Many Elements Contribute to a Successful Website

While our core work is web development, Yakindo professionals also assist clients in related services that support the overall success of the website. These services address the specific needs of businesses, organizations and government entities who want to grow their reach market beyond the reach of traditional local media and seek a cost-effective method of promoting their business through the Internet.

Website Maintenance

Website MaintenanceHas your web developer gone out of business and you're looking for a company to maintain your website? Are you unhappy with your developer's response time on changes that you send to them? Has your business outgrown your original web developer's capabilities?

Yakindo can provide website maintenance services to solve these problems on existing websites. At Yakindo we don't tie clients to yearly maintenance contracts, but just charge for website maintenance at an hourly rate as requested . Our professionals endeavor to make all routine maintenance changes from clients within a 24-48 hour period.

Website Promotion

Developing a site without promoting it is like printing thousands of copies of your company brochure and leaving them in a cupboard. Before your site is even completed, our professional developers can assist you with a comprehensive promotion campaign to promote your site through search engines and directories, social media, traditional printed media, linkage, and special promotion activities. The goal of promotion is to ensure that your website will be viewed by a wider audience in your target markets.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization servicesIn today's highly competitive online environment, the website that makes it to the top of the first page of search engine results has the best chance of getting the business. Would you like to find an SEO Consultant that lives in Yakima and is a part of the Yakima business community?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the "art" of analyzing and then optimizing a website so that it shows up well for a range of appropriate keywords. Through our tried and true SEO techniques, we work with clients to conduct a thorough analysis of their website and break down barriers to good search engine result placements. Sites that implement our recommendations find excellent placement in search engines across a wide range of appropriate keywords and keyword phrases.

Danielle Surkatty at Yakindo Web Design demonstrated great knowledge and energy applying her talents in the area of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on the Rudofsky Associates website. I am happy to see that (eight years later) I am still on the first page of Google rankings for the search:  “Business consultant New York” and also “Small business consultant”. Thank you again for the SEO work you did for me back in 2009. David Rudofsky, New York

Social Media

social media marketingRecent years have shown ever increasing emphasis on the use of social media networking by clients. Social networking offers endless opportunities to develop and engage a community of customers, supporters, and followers. can help you take advantage of the power of social media to help you further develop your customer or supporter base for your business or organization.

Yakindo can assist clients to set up and optimize a Facebook, YouTube, Google My Business, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media platform presences pages. We can integrate your social media presence in your website!


Would you like to learn how to maintain your website yourself? Yakindo web developers can teach you in one-on-one sessions, in person or over Zoom, how to maintain your WordPress website..


Consulting for Website DevelopmentOver 22+ years of experience supporting a wide range of businesses gives our development team an edge in assessing the needs of your business online.

We can serve in a consultant capacity to help you create a plan to improve the success of your website going forward. Discover how Yakindo Web Designs can help you build your business through a stronger presence on the Internet.

Website Review

Are you disappointed with the performance and/or appearance of your current website? Our experienced professionals will consult with you and then review your website and develop a detailed report on how you can improve your website's performance through improved design, content, navigation, and promotion. 

Contact the website developers at Yakindo for more information on these website design and development services.